Egg latte

This is one of the best things I like to drink in the morning. This egg latte is a full substitute for breakfast for me.
I hope you will like it

2014-08-28 09.24.03Recipe

2 raw eggs
0,2 cup. crem
2 tsp. instant coffee
2 tbsp coconutoil
1 tsp sweetner (In Denmark we have a sweetner called Sukrin Gold, It is almost like brown sugar)

How to do

All the ingredients are mixed into at  high bowl and mixed together with a handblender, and then add  about 1,2 cups of hot water and mix a little more.
Serve it in your favorite mug, normally I serve mine in my Starbucks cups.
This one is served in a glass to show you the nice foam on top of the egg latte.

Bon appetite




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